Co-Founder | COO

Bryce grew up in Hawaii and Papua New Guinea and studied international politics at Pennsylvania State University. He joined the military as a forward observer and later was selected for Special Forces where he specialized in non-standard communications and intelligence operations. Bryce has planned and led a wide array of of high profile missions around the world, ranging from humanitarian aid missions in the Philippines to counter ISIS operations in Afghanistan. He currently lives in Washington state where he still serves in the military as a Special Forces warrant officer and as the COO for HIG.

Bryce loves to dive, ski, backpack, travel, mountain bike, read, and game. When not at work, he can most often be found on a local trail, exploring a new country, or lounging at home with a new book or an old video game.

"Growing up in a developing nation gave me an early and acute awareness of many of the injustices and inequalities that are systematically institutionalized by governments, cultures, and social institutions around the world. While often more pronounced in developing areas, many of these issues are also ubiquitous throughout the developed nations of the world. A desire to be part of the change, that I believed was needed in these systems, played a large role in my decision to serve my country in the military and my later decision to joint HIG as a co-founder. While my time in the military did allow me to help at need individuals that were trapped in conflict zones, or that were suffering in the aftermath of natural disasters, it did not provide me with an avenue to make an impact at the scale that is needed or that I wanted. It is my devout hope and belief that HIG will provide us with an avenue to give back to the communities that have given all of us so much, and to be a voice and influence for change at scale."