Co-Founder | CEO

Originally from Ohio, Michael enlisted in the army in 2010 and became a Green Beret in 2012, which brought him to Colorado Springs, CO. Before co-founding HIG, Michael conducted Special Operations throughout numerous African and European countries, and was part of the last Special Operations mission in the war in Afghanistan. Michael currently resides in Tacoma, teaching Advanced Special Operations in Washington.

He loves to spend his free time with family and friends- camping, skiing, hiking, diving, talking, shooting, eating, and generally “outside-ing”. His life goal is to make his community, country, and world a better place for everybody.

"To me, this company represents an opportunity to apply all of the lessons that I learned- growing up as a minority in rural America, spending summers with family in inner city America, and applying complex problem solving skills to further US interests during limited and full scale conflicts on three continents. I wanted to start a company with one goal- better the lives of every person with whom we interact."